Michelle McCabe • director + director of photography
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Nun Creative LLC is a video and still photography company created in 2012 by Michelle McCabe.

We create branded content, commercials, documentary, and documentary/reportage stills. We specialize in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Michelle McCabe has been a Director of Photography for 15+ years. Michelle began in the world of fashion, celebrity, and lifestyle still photography, working with some of the world's top photographers. She then went on her own, shooting fashion and lifestyle still photography for clients like Nordstroms, Italian Vogue, British Marie Claire, Italian and American Glamour, Seventeen, Self, Grazie, Cosmopolitan, and more before transitioning to moving images. She was mentored through that transition by Michel Comte and Peter Arnell. Within a short period of time, Peter brought Michelle on board to shoot a commercial for Banana Republic and Michel Comte asked her to film a commercial for Dolce Gabbana featuring Isabella Rosselini and Kelly Lynch.

Michelle's clients include: Izod, Dacor, Van Heusen, Arrow Shirts, Laura Mercier, Vagisil, Aqua Velva, Apothocare Hair, Well + Good, Vera Wang, Centric/BET Network, LogoTV Network, , ABC-Disney, Nars Cosmetics, Facebook, Bustle, IBM, Synchrony Bank, Castrol, Kiss NY Cosmetics, Cycle/Laundry Service, Unilever, Carter's, Refinery 29, Tome, Hole & Corner, Sony USA, BBC Witness, CNBC, Motherhood Maternity, Timberland, Dove, Colgate, Knoll, Novartis, Volkswagen Brasil, Unilever, Tam Airlines, TB Alliance, McKinsey & Co., Reebok, Vitamin Water, Dolce Gabbana, John Varvatos, Christian Louboutin, Manor Switzerland, TopShop, Banana Republic, Chrysler, Almay, Cuervo, 19 Entertainment, Proctor & Gamble, MaxMara/Marina Rinaldi, Pepsi and more.

Michelle has shot commercials in Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Italy and extensively in Brasil, as well as, the U.S.

She has shot documentary in The U.S., China, India, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Japan, South Africa, Europe, Malaysia, Cuba, Thailand, Philippines, Brasil, and Ukraine.

Michelle is fluent in portugues and holds both a U.S. Passport and an E.U. Passport.

Nun Creative LLC is a start to finish shop.

contact: info@nuncreative.com