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Sony FS7 ad

This past summer I met with Chiyoko Yannette from Sony USA. She asked me about what I do and how I shoot. I spent a lot of time talking about how much I love my Canon C300 and the Canon cine lens, taking a moment here and there to apologize for raving about Canon, but quickly getting back to all the feature and design elements I love from the Canon. It was awkward, but I knew I would turn red and start to stutter if I lied.

Chiyoko gave me the lowdown on the new camera Sony was soon to release and asked if I would like to spend some time checking out the FS7 and exploring what it has to offer. Get my hands on a camera before it hits the market? Sure, I would love to.

I received the camera late October and on day one made a list of physical details I disliked. I honestly thought at that moment, " hmmm, this thing hasn't got a chance with me". The hand grip hurt my thumb, I don't want this thing on my shoulder, where's the button for____, how do I _____. Okay, I thought, just get a basic setup and get outside and shoot. Poof. Love.

That first spark was, of course, the ease of switching from normal frame rate to 180 fps slow motion in HD. Two clicks and I am back over to 4KHD 3860x2140. I don't have 4KHD on my Canon! I then shot at night, I was done. I took both cameras on 3 jobs and consistently the C300 didn't come out of it's case.

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