Michelle McCabe • director + director of photography


Collaborating with Thundercut and General Idea

We have been working on a really exciting corporate id video for DDG, Discover Digital Group. It may sound strange, referring to a corporate id video as exciting, but this one truly has been a blast to create. Justin Tobin, founder of DDG, came to us with the challenge, how can we make a video that tells what we do in a language that is not full of Wall Street jargon and ROI-ish, yet not so visceral that the Fortune 500 crowd thinks we don't know how to monetize. The result is an animated-live action mix of storytelling, of how the injection of a startup within a Fortune 500 company can turn it's digital life around. The idea comes to life through the brilliant talents of Dan Weise (Thundercut) and his drawings and the animation genius of Eric Míro and Cary Janks (General Idea). Plan on seeing it here by end of February 2015.

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